In this section you'll find maths problems of various kinds. These are designed to be viewed by teachers.

For each problem there's a few different levels of 'help' - depending on the problem there may be ideas, hints, videos of students, one full path through the problem (though this is never complete).

The ideas provided here are not goals for the problem. There is no single solution to any of the problems. They are here to give you some familiarity with the problem and as examples of what can arise when used with a class.

You or your students may also come across new ideas or new questions that aren't listed here. Let us know!

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Stacking Cans

Can you stack $28$ cans?

Test resource

6 circles

Can you place the numbers $1$ - $6$ in the circles so that all three sides of the triangle sum to the same thing?

Top-heavy Pyramids

A Top-Heavy Pyramid is a pyramid of integers that follow an upwards addition rule. Can you make the given peaks?

Race to the Nugget

A two-player game. Will you be the one to reach the nugget?


What do you know about 231?

Strike me out