Student Workshops

How does a mathematician think about and solve a problem?

MathsCraft student workshops aim to give students and their teachers a taste of the answer to this question, by letting them experience the process for themselves. They are grouped with research mathematicians who will work with them, to solve problems by spotting patterns, making conjectures, and convincing themselves and those around them.

MathsCraft student workshops are run periodically by our Session Leaders at schools around the country.

Teachers: Attending student workshops can be counted as self-identified PD. See the event page for suggestions of specific AITSL standards.

Upcoming Student Workshops


Teacher PD & Session Leader Events

We run two kinds of professional development workshops for maths teachers.

Blue Cube Immersive Session Leader Workshops

Our 5-day immersive Session Leader workshops are held annually. This workshop will give you the knowledge and resources needed to run MathsCraft problem sessions, whether for your own class, students in your school, or as an event for schools in your local area. The workshop will also cover how the approaches used in MathsCraft sessions can be applied more generally to the everyday classroom — it will include sessions that illustrate how topics like Pythagoras Theorem can be transformed into a research-like experience for students.

During the 5 days you will tackle the same sorts of problems that are given to students in the sessions, and analyse the resulting experience. The workshop also includes a student MathsCraft session with school groups from the local area.

Quotes from past attendees

“In all my years of teaching I have never learnt so much in the time available. I wish we could have more exposure to this type of learning/teaching.”

“Seeing how mathematicians work has shown me how valuable different representations are to the thinking process.”

“It is very important to recognise that this event was likely more valuable than all of my previous PD combined.”

“Amazing". Exhausting, fun, really really hard work...”

“I like the fact that we've been sent to bed each night struggling with at least one problem.”


Red Cube Single-day Professional Development workshops

These workshops are designed to be an introduction to MathsCraft ideas. They are run with the aim of helping teachers give their students an authentic experience of ‘doing maths’ while at the same time supporting success in tests and examinations.

In this workshop participants are tasked with solving various ‘simple’ problems, and in doing so, a way of working will reveal itself that offers an alternative to teaching just the calculations associated with mathematical ideas. Participants learn how to give your students an authentic experience of ‘doing maths’ in much the same way that professional mathematicians do.

Single-day PD

Upcoming Teacher PD and Session Leader Events