About MathsCraft

MathsCraft is a maths program for school students and teachers. Teachers across Australia and New Zealand have been trained to run MathsCraft sessions for students, and we run professional development workshops and develop resources to help maths teachers gain the skills to do MathsCraft-type activities in their classrooms.


Anthony Harradine had been involving students at Prince Alfred College in interesting tasks for many years. In 200x old scholar and statistician Dr Richard Jarrett offered his time to further the cause. PAC staff would spend Thursday mornings having coffee with Richard and Anthony and simply doing mathematics - talking about interesting things and solving interesting problems.

This evolved into a teacher and three students from schools from the surrounding zone attending MathsCraft mornings, where they would team with mathematicians from the University of Adelaide and together they would do mathematics - with prompts, facilitation and some expert input here and there from Anthony. Prof Nigel Bean, also an old scholar of PAC, was very generous in rounding up the mathematicians.

Nigel suggested Prof Jan de Gier should attend a session, then one session turned into 6, such was the interest. These sessions were funded and organised by ACEMS. In 2016 Dr Anita Ponsaing took over coordination of the program, we began plans to extend the reach of the program by providing professional development for teachers, and the rest is history!


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The Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers (ACEMS) is a research centre in mathematics and statistics, funded by the federal government.

With partner researchers ACEMS engages in research programs at the frontiers of the mathematical sciences dealing with probability and randomness, and translates this research into new insights that benefit society.

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