explore; find patterns; conjecture; prove it; why; think beyond


One teacher's MathsCraft journey

Welcome to MathsCraft

A chance to Do Maths like a Research Mathematician!


We want to show that maths isn’t just about getting the right answer. It’s about exploring and understanding mathematical structures, having ideas and following them through, and knowing that there's always another question to ask. This is the process that a research mathematician goes through when he or she starts to tackle a problem.

How do you have an idea?

To make any progress on a problem, you need to have a good idea. The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. Mathematicians work at having ideas, and train themselves to recognise good ones from not-so-good ones.

What do you need for a new idea to occur?

In order to have these ideas, you need something to think about, as well as some knowledge and experience to draw on, so that you can make connections between what's in your head already and what is in front of you. Then you can investigate the connections, see if they're valid, and see if they're helpful.

How can you create an environment for yourself where you can have good ideas?

MathsCraft is about trying to create environments that encourage this process in students, and helping teachers to do the same.

How can you create that environment for someone else (a student)?

In addition to the resources provided on this website, we run professional development for teachers to give them tools to create these environments for their students.


We also coordinate MathsCraft Student Sessions, run by teachers who have attended our 5-day immersive PD workshops. These sessions bring together mathematicians, teachers and students, with a simple aim: to explore some maths problems, and have ideas that may lead to a solution.


MathsCraft gives students and teachers the opportunity to experience maths as a mathematician does. Find out what makes mathematicians love maths!